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History of Krup

About Vintage Distilling

Our Krup is a variation of Krupnikas, Krupnik which is a honey based alcoholic drink similar to a flavored cordial. It is a distilled spirit made in the territories of present-day Lithuania, Poland and Belarus, which at one time were part of the larger Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Krupnikas and Midus (meads) came from small scale craft batches, often made by farmers and forest moonshiners in accordance with secret family recipes. Having a strong connection to nature, nobleman and commoners alike created drinks which became the ultimate expression of the unique local flavors of honey.

Recipes have been preserved up to present day in families across the globe. Whether written or orally passed through generations most keep them a closely guarded secret. No matter the recipe, the bees are responsible for the quality and dynamic flavors gathered from their local environment. A good Krupnikas showcases the unique properties of each makers honey and the environment from which it came.

At Vintage Distilling, we adhere to the same philosophy that has created many multi-generational secrets. We do not mean to forthrightly imply that we have laid our hands on some of the most exclusive, secret, rare, and delicious recipes, but maybe we have. Who knows? Legend has it.